Postal Solutions

Postal Solutions is a bulk mailing business that can help you save time and money. Our staff is up-to-date on postal regulations for standard mail. You can even use our permit if you don’t have your own.  Our services include:






Inserting (Envelope Stuffing)


Tabbing (wafer seal)

The USPS requires certain types of mailings to be tabbed in order to receive discounted rates.  Tabs help secure the piece and prevent damage in the mail stream. 




Mailing List Processing

Postal Solutions uses Satori Bulk Mailer Professional software to process mailing lists.  This software is approved by the USPS to standardize and update your address list with the proper format and correct ZIP+4 information.  We can also check your address list against the USPS database for moves in the last 48 months.  We will check your list for duplicate addresses upon request.  Lists can be brought in on a disk or


Addressing: Thermal Ink-Jet Impressions

We can spray your addresses directly on mail pieces, eliminating the cost and appearance of hand-applied labels.  The mailing list is printed in presorted order and barcoded when possible, which reduces postage cost and helps pieces move through the USPS system faster.  In addition, our equipment can print the return address and permit imprint for postage–all in a single pass. 


Final Mail Preparation

We will prepare and deliver your mailing to the USPS according to requirements and complete all necessary documentation.

We can also seal your envelopes, affix metered postage, pick up your mail (Mitchell area), etc.



Please call us at 990-7821 or email for a quote on your next mailing project.