Employment Opportunities

Direct Support Professional:  $11.00/hour
DSPs assist people with developmental disabilities with maintaining an independent lifestyle. Duties include, but are not limited to, assisting with personal care, bathing, mealtime, positioning, lifting, shopping, and involvement in the community.

  • Clarke House 12hr- Thursday 5-11pm and Saturday 5-11pm
  • Clarke House 16hr – Sunday 9am-5pm and Friday 3-11pm 
  • East Elm House 20hr - Monday-Friday 5am-9am
  • East Elm House 20hr- wk 1 Tues 4-10pm, Fri 4-10pm,  Sat 8am-4pm wk 2 Sun 1-9pm, Mon 4-10pm, Fri 4-10pm
  • East Elm House 27hr- wk 1: Mon 3-10pm, Tues 3-10pm, Wed 5-10pm, Sat 2-10pm wk 2: Sun 2-10pm, Mon 3-10pm, Tues 3-10pm, Wed 5-10pm
  • Gamble Street Apartments 8hr - Sunday 1-9pm
  • Gamble Street Apartments 10hr – Sunday 7am-noon, Tues 4-9pm
  • Gamble Street Apartments 18hr- Mon, Wed, Fri 5-9pm and Sat 3-9pm
  • J&L House 14hr - Friday 3-9pm and Saturday 3-11pm
  • KJ Program 13hr-  Thurs 5-9pm, Fri 4-9pm, Sat 5-9pm  
  • Park Place Apartments 13hr – Tues 5-9pm, Thurs 5-8pm, Sat 3-9pm
  • Radke & Blaalid Homes 6hr -  wk 1: Saturday 2-8pm wk 2: Sunday 3-9pm 
  • Radke & Blaalid Homes 19hr -  Mon 4-8pm, Tues 4-7pm,  Wed 4-7pm, Fri 5-9pm, Sat 9am-2pm 
  • Wheatridge Apartments 12hr- Sunday 3-10m and Monday 4-9pm 
  • Wheatridge Apartments 40hr- wk 1:Mon 7-9am & 3-10pm, Tues 2-9pm, Wed 2-10pm, Thurs 2-9pm, Sat 8am-5pm, wk 2:Mon 7-9am & 2-10pm, Tues 2-9pm, Wed 7-9am &3-9pm, Thurs 3-10pm, Sat 2-10pm wk 3:Sun 8am-5pm, Mon 7-9an & 3-10pm, Tues 1-10pm, Wed 2-9pm, Thurs 3-9pm 

Overnight Direct Support Professional: $12.00/hr
Overnight DSPs ensure safety of people with developmental disabilities during sleeping hours. Some duties are: light housekeeping, cooking and getting people ready for the day.

  • Centennial Apartments/Gamble Street Apartments 40hr – Wed/Thur/Fri 11pm-9am and Sat 9pm-7am
  • Gamble Street Apartments 30hr – Wed, Thurs, Fri 9pm-7am
  • Gamble Street Apartments/North Kimball House 40 hr – Sun, Mon 9pm-7am & Tues Sat 11pm-9am

Other Positions: Salary dependent on education and experience - submit an online application with attached cover letter and resume

  • none at this time

All applicants must be 18 years old, have a valid drivers license, and have a High School Diploma or GED.

To protect the interests of the people we serve, all job offers are conditional pending acceptable results of a criminal background check, a substance abuse screening, a tuberculin screening, and a motor vehicle record check. 

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